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Temper’s the one thing you can’t get rid of, by losing it

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Welcome visitor to Lost-it.org, my website providing a variety of content and mostly serving as a playground for me.

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  • Puppet and Windows Package Names RTFM Moment - Puppet and Windows Package Names RTFM Moment After writing the article on how to install Citrix Provisioning Services Server 1912 CU1 using Puppet last month I promptly powered off the VM as it wasn’t needed for my lab environment at that time. Fast forward a month or so and I needed it to work out … Continue reading Puppet and Windows Package Names RTFM Moment
  • pfSense Floating Rules Fun - pfSense Floating Rules Fun Following my work starting to automate my Lab deployments I spent a bit of time creating the firewall for it. I took the opportunity to try and simplify the configuration like making it the NTP server and DNS Resolver for the lab but also to collapse some rules in to floating … Continue reading pfSense Floating Rules Fun
  • Automating My Home Lab Part 1 - ESXi, Puppet Bolt, and the OVFTool In a moment of quiet I started to think about how to improve my home lab VM deployment strategy although strategy is a strong word for it ! Currently I use basic server build ESXi virtual machines for 2K12 R2, 2K16, and 2K19 that have been sysprep’d and perform … Continue reading Automating My Home Lab Part 1
  • Rebuilding My Pi Again…. - Rebuilding My Pi Again…. Another week and another rebuild of my chuffing Raspberry Pi ! It was another power glitch that killed it I think but after hunting around I thought maybe it’s the SD Card which is getting past it’s prime so I decided to look around at the alternatives.
  • Rebuilding My Raspberry - Rebuilding My Raspberry Yesterday I fired up my Pi so I could fiddle with it only to find that it wouldn’t boot. A bit of punting round the web revealed that it had got corrupted so rather than try to rescue it, I opted for a rebuild.

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