pfSense Floating Rules Fun

pfSense Floating Rules Fun

Following my work starting to automate my Lab deployments I spent a bit of time creating the firewall for it. I took the opportunity to try and simplify the configuration like making it the NTP server and DNS Resolver for the lab but also to collapse some rules in to floating ones.

At the moment there are only two floating rules to control hosts allowed to connect to the Internet and one to block all traffic. They are small steps but do remove two rules from each vlan so it’s a start.

The block all rule needs some more investigation as my plan is to use it to block all inter-vlan traffic as well as outgoing traffic as before, I had block all rules on each interface.

It does mean that the basic lab build out needs to happen now so I can see what’s broke where but it will give me something to think about at some point !

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