Openfiler – Initial configuration steps

Openfiler – Initial configuration steps


This article explains the initial basic configuration changes which need to be made to an Openfiler version 2.3 server once it as been installed.

The network topology for this article uses three different internal subnets using 192.168.0.x, 192.168.200.x, and 192.168.250.x address ranges.

The basic steps required to configure an Openfiler server following installation are as follows and explained in the following sections :-

  • Configuring network access control
  • Configuring physical volumes
  • Configuring volume groups

Logon to the Openfiler management web-site

Openfiler comes with a management web-site which can be used to configure the server and is accessible by the url https://{server name or IP Address}:446

The logon credentials for the web-site are set to the username openfiler with a password of password initially although these can then be changed through the web-site to a password of your choice.

Configuring network access control

The first step to perform once the installation has been completed is to configure the network access to the server which is used to control where the server is accessible from.  The network access control options are very granular and can be configured to for specific IP addresses, ranges, or subnets.  To configure access for an subnet perform the following steps :-

  1. Click on the System option and then scroll down if neccessary to the bottom of the screen
  2. In the Network Access Configuration section enter the friendly name for the subnet – E.G. Local Network
  3. Next set the Network/Host to the subnet desired – E.G.
  4. Change the Netmask to the desired mask value – E.G.
  5. Configure the Type to Share and click on the Update button to add the configuration.
  6. Repeat step 1 – 5 for each subnet to be added

Creating physical volumes

Once the network access controls have been configured the next step is to create the physical volumes which will be used to configure the volume groups required.  To create the physical volumes perform the following steps :-

  1. Click on the Volumes option and then click on the Block Devices option in the Volumes section
  2. When presented with a list of disks available on the server click on the disk where the physical volume is to be configured – E.G. /dev/hda
  3. In the Edit Partitions page scroll down to the bottom if necessary
  4. Set the Mode to Primary and set the Partition Type to Physical volume
  5. Configure the Starting and Ending cylinders to the desired size and then click on the Create button.

Creating volume groups

The next step is to configure a volume group which contains the physical volume(s) which have been created. To create a volume group perform the following steps :-

  1. Click on the Volumes option and then click on the Volume groups option in the Volumes section
  2. Set the Volume Group name to the desired name without any spaces – E.G. Lost-it-vg
  3. Select the physical volume(s) created above which you wish to be part of the volume group
  4. Click on the Add volume group button to create the volume group

These steps will provide a basically configured Openfiler server which is then ready to deploy iSCSI resources, file shares etc.  For further information on these topics see the topics below.