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  1. Hi Blogger,

    We are trying to use your script but facing challenges with the LOGIN VSI custom workload script, When we are using sheelexecutewait it is is aking for parameters and we are not sure what to do.

    Can you please help with a sample LVSI script or the correct way to invoke the exe created by P2EXE tool.

      1. Hi yash,

        The wiki page is for the PowerShell script so I referenced the script in the rather than the EXE.

        I’ll dig out an example of using the executable instead when I get a chance.

        1. Hi yash,

          Below is the command I used in a Custom Workload to use the EXE version of the script:

          VSI_ShellExecuteWait(“Chrome#1″,”%tmp%\VSI\Runtime\Lib\Chrome_Start_Random.exe”,”-WebLocation %VSI_WebLocation% -SiteName BBC”,”%tmp%\VSI\Runtime\Lib”,””,”Maximize”)

          This will open a random page from the BBC sites which are on the VSI Server Share and to get the EXE in to the user’s %tmp%\VSI\Runtime\Lib folder I copied the EXE to the _VSI_Binaries\Target\Lib folder on the VSI Share. Obviously you could just leave the EXE on the VSI_Share and call it from there using {Your VSI Server}\{Your VSI Share}\Chrome_Start_Random.exe

    1. Hi yash,

      Thanks for looking at my site. When you try to use it in the workload are you specifying the -WebLocation and -SiteName parameters ?

      Can you post an example of the command you are putting in your workload ?

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