EdgeSight – How To Make EdgeSight The Default Page In IIS

EdgeSight – How To Make EdgeSight The Default Page In IIS


This article provides the steps to set the Citrix EdgeSight 5.4 login page as the default web page on Internet Information Services 7.5.

There is no option within the Citrix EdgeSight web site to configure it as the default web page on an IIS server the easiest way to configure the site as the default web page is to perform a HTTP redirect.

The process used for this article is the same as provided for setting  a Citrix StoreFront Receiver Web Site as the default page and consists of the following steps :-

  • Logon to the Citrix EdgeSight server as an administrative account
  • Open Notepad and copy and paste the text below :-

<script type=”text\javascript”>





  • Save the file in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot folder and name the file asEdgeSight-Redirect.html
  • If necessary change the extension of the saved document to .html
  • Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) management console
  • Click on the Server in the Left Hand Pane
  • Double Click on Default Document in the Centre Pane
  • Click on Add in the Right Hand Pane
  • When prompted enter EdgeSight-Redirect.html and then click on OK
  • Open a Command Prompt and execute IISRESET

Once the IISRESET has completed you will be redirected to the EdgeSight Login page when you go to http://{EdgeSight Server Name}