Rebuilding My Raspberry

Rebuilding My Raspberry

Yesterday I fired up my Pi so I could fiddle with it only to find that it wouldn’t boot. A bit of punting round the web revealed that it had got corrupted so rather than try to rescue it, I opted for a rebuild.

First step was to get a card reader hooked up to a Linux box so I could drag off my Nagios config stuff. Easier said than done though as the only Linux boxes I’ve got are ESXi VMs so the solution was to use USB passthrough.

That done I mounted the Pi’s SD card and dragged everything off. Then it was a case of reimaging the SD card was Raspian Buster Lite and following my own blog entries and wiki articles to install Nagios and NRDP.

My Pi is now back online monitoring my home network which was as easy as copying my cfg files over.

As an added bonus I also added SNMP monitoring and tested it with my switches which is also documented on my wiki !

Of course, now the fun begins trying to work out what to monitor on my switches and FreeNAS but should give me something to think about.

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