Rebuilding My Pi Again….

Rebuilding My Pi Again….

Another week and another rebuild of my chuffing Raspberry Pi !

It was another power glitch that killed it I think but after hunting around I thought maybe it’s the SD Card which is getting past it’s prime so I decided to look around at the alternatives.

First thing is that my Pi is too old to boot off a USB stick / disk so I then looked at making the filesystem read only for which there’s loads of articles out there but in the end I went for moving the root filesystem to a 1TB disk which is hooked up to it. Of course it won’t save me completely but I’m hoping that it will avoid the potential of bad sectors on the SD card.

A quick hunt found a how to on HOWTO: Move the filesystem to a USB stick/Drive and after hooking it all back up to the TV (I’ve lent my spare monitor and HDMI VGA adapter to someone !), I stepped through the article and bob’s your uncle, my Pi now uses the root partition on my external disk !

As it was a 1TB disk I went for creating a 50GB rootfs partition which is very overkill for a Pi but I’d rather have a bigger one than run out of space.

Anyway, now it’s back to running through the Nagios install stuff again and putting my config files back on again.

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