Puppet and Windows Package Names RTFM Moment

Puppet and Windows Package Names RTFM Moment

After writing the article on how to install Citrix Provisioning Services Server 1912 CU1 using Puppet last month I promptly powered off the VM as it wasn’t needed for my lab environment at that time. Fast forward a month or so and I needed it to work out some things so I powered it on and configured the Farm etc which was all good. What I soon realised though was that the PVS Services were stopping without warning on the server and I had to hop on and start them again.

After a little investigating it became apparent that the Soap and Stream services were stopping every 30 minutes which married up to the puppet agent run interval. Sure enough when watching the server, every time Puppet ran the services stopped and after a little more investigation I could see that Puppet was reinstalling the software on every run. Luckily it didn’t wipe the Farm config or anything but was still annoying to say the least !

What I soon realised after looking at the https://puppet.com/docs/puppet/6.19/resources_package_windows.html page is that you must use the DisplayName for software in the Package resource declaration for this very reason and as I used “install-pvs-server” as mine it explained what was happening.

So a case of RTFM for me again and once I changed the Package resource to use the DisplayName of “Citrix 1912 LTSR CU1 – Provisioning Server x64” Puppet no longer reinstalled the software every 30 minutes.

The wiki article I wrote for this Puppet Deploying PVS 1912 CU1 Using Puppet has been updated with the correct DisplayName too now as well as while I was there, the PVS Console install information too !

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