Project Pi

Project Pi

Welcome to Project Pi, my little project to make use of my Raspberry Pi.

Project Goals

  • To replace my CentOS VM used for monitoring my external IP and emailing if it changes
  • To play with and increase my experience  more of Nagios Core by monitoring my home network
  • To learn about distributed monitoring with Nagios and passive checks
  • To automate the start up and shutdown of my home virtual infrastructure
  • Give my grey matter something to think about
  • Plus anything else I think of to add to the list !

Hardware Spec

  • Raspberry Pi Model 2 B

To Do List

  • Initial Configuration
    • Install Raspian Buster Lite
    • Set static IP address
    • Rename
    • Enable SSH
    • Update OS
  • Hardening and Security
    • Install UFW Firewall
      • Allow SSH, HTTP, HTTPS
      • Install fail2ban
      • Deny HTTP (Once SSL Enabled)
      • Lock down outbound traffic
    • Implement SSH keys
    • Implement fail2ban
    • Implement ClamAV
      • Configure for nightly full scans
      • Configure to check and update definitions every 3 hours
  • Nagios Monitoring
    • Install Nagios Core
    • Install Nagios plugins
    • Monitor external IP
    • Basic infrastructure checks
    • ESXi monitoring
      • Install VMware Perl SDK –
      • Install 
      • Create auth file
      • Confgure read only ESXi host account
      • Configure CPU, Memory, Datastore monitoring
    • Configure email notifications 
    • Set up customised notification and check periods
    • Basic monitoring of FreeNAS
    • Configure monitoring of ClamAV updates (via log entries ??)
  • Nagios Distributed Monitoring
    • Install and configure NRDP (Nagios Remote Data Protocol)
    • Install and configure Nagios Core server in the virtual environment
      • Install NRDP client script
      • Configure Global Event command definitions for
      • Configure virtual environment servers for monitoring
        • Add pFSense firewall for monitoring (SNMP ?)
        • Add Windows servers for monitoring using WMI
          • Add CPU, Memory, Pagefile, and Disk usage for Windows servers
          • Add Service specific checks for different server roles
        • Add Citrix ADC appliances for monitoring using Nitro
    • Configure passive host and service checks on Nagios Pi
      • Configure passive host and service templates
      • Configure a basic host and service definition for testing
      • Configure passive host and service definitions for the virtual estate
        • Add passive host definitions
        • Add passive service definitions for CPU, Memory, Pagefile, and Disk usage for Windows servers
        • Add passive Service specific checks for different server roles

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