Nagios – Putting My Pi To Good Use !

Nagios – Putting My Pi To Good Use !

As with a lot of people it seems, I’ve had a Raspberry Pi knocking around for ages now which has really been doing anything.

This weekend I decided to start a project to rebuild it with Raspian Buster Lite and turn it in to a monitoring box using Nagios for my home network and maybe even look in to adding temperature and humidity probes at some point.

For the time being though I’ve got Nagios Core 4.4.5 installed on it and set up very basic checks that my core infrastructure is online. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff I did with Nagios for a customer I was working at so I’m going to have to relearn stuff like ESX monitoring and NetScaler monitoring through nitro but it will give me something to do.

Compiling and installing Nagios Core 4.4.5 on the Pi was very straight forward and there’s a lot of good links out there for it including this one – monitoring-multiple-pis-with-nagios-raspberry-pi which got me up and running nice and quick. About the only things I did different from it was download the latest version of Nagios Core and have to use sudo in front of the make install commands.

I’m also looking at installing something like Thruk and then feeding data in to the Pi from another Nagios Core server in my dev lab which will probably be my next task.

The other goal for the project is to automate from the Pi a few things that I’ve had a CentOS VM to do like checking emailing me if my home Public IP changes and wake on lan capabilities but also expand it further. The end goal is to automate the turning on of my infrastructure at a certain time of the day during the week and turning it all off at a certain time.

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