SMS2 – Disabling Radius Challenge / Response

Disabling Radius Challenge / Response

This article provides the steps required to disable Radius Challenge / Response on the WrightCCS SMS2 software.

The latest version of the SMS2 software available at the time of writing this was Version 20130515 which appears to be configured to perform Challenge / Response as defailt.

To disable this and allow users to enter their PIN and Token Codes together perform the following steps :-

  • Logon to the SMS2 server as an Administrative account
  • Navigate to the SMS2 Settings C:\Program Files\WrightCCS\Settings folder in Windows Explorer
  • Edit the settings file Configuration.xml 
  • Search the file for the line below:-


  • Modify the line above and change it from False to True as shown below :-


  • Save and Exit the file
  • Restart the Wright AuthEngine Service