SMS2 – Introduction

SMS2 – Introduction

SMS2 is a free product which uses the Google Authenticator to provide Two Factor Authentication and is predominately aimed at Citrix NetScalers.

The following pages provide the steps required to implement a Fault Tolerant Two Factor Authentication solution for a HA Pair of Citrix NetScalers and can be broken down in to the following sections which are explained further in the subsequent pages of this article :-

  1. Building The Radius Servers
  2. Preparing SQL And Creating The Database
  3. Installing SMS2
  4. Configuring Citrix NetScaler Radius Load Balancing
  5. Creating A Test User

Test Environment

The test environment for this article consisted of the following :-

  • W2K8DOM01 – Domain Controller
  • W2K8SQL01 – SQL Server
  • W2K8RAD01 – Radius Server
  • W2K8RAD02 – Radius Server
  • NSVPX01 – Citrix NetScaler (HA Pair Primary)
  • NSVPX02 – Citrix NetScaler (HA Pair Secondary)
  • W2K8Domain.Local – Windows 2012 Active Directory Domain

The Windows Servers used in this article were all built with the GUI installed and patched to the latest levels at the time of writing this article.