SMS2 2 – Preparing SQL And Creating The Database

SMS2 2 – Preparing SQL And Creating The Database

Preparing SQL And Creating The Database

The section of the documentation provides the steps required to prepare SQL and create the SMS2 Database.

At the time of writing this article and the version of SMS2 installed, it was necessary to use an SQL Account rather than a Windows Account.

Configuring SQL For Mixed Mode Authentication

The first step is to configure SQL for Mixed Mode Authentication by performing the following steps :-

  • Logon to the SQL Server as an Administrative Account on the Domain
  • Open the SQL Server Management Studio and connect to theDatabase Engine as an Administrative Account
  • Right Click on the Server Name and select Properties
  • Click on the Security branch
  • Under the Server authentication section select SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode
  • Click on OK to close the Server Properties
  • Restart the SQL Server Service to apply the change

Creating The Database

The next step is to create a new blank database for the SMS2 installation by performing the following steps :-

  • Right Click on the Databases branch in the Left Hand Pane and select New Database
  • When prompted, enter the Database name required


  • Set any other options you require and then click on OK to create the database

Creating The SQL Logon For SMS2

The last step is to create a new SQL Logon for the SMS2 implementation by performing the following steps :-

  • In the SQL Server Management Console expand the Security branch in the Left Hand Pane
  • Right Click on the Logins option and select New Login
  • When prompted, enter the Login name required

E.G. sql_sms2user

  • Set the Default database to the SMS2 Database
  • Click on the User Mapping option in the Left Hand Pane
  • Locate the SMS2 Database and grant the new user db_owner Role Membership
  • Click on OK to create the new user