Openfiler – Installing via PXE

Openfiler – Installing via PXE


This article explains how to install Openfile version 2.3 over the network using PXE.

The infrastructure used for this article is a Centos 5.3 server with Tftp installed to provide the PXE server and a DD-WRT router running as the DHCP server with PXE options configured through DNSMasq.


In order to install Openfiler 2.3 via PXE the following pre-requisites must be met :-

  • A copy of the Openfiler 2.3 installation ISO
  • A DHCP server configured to provide the relevant PXE options
  • A Tftp server to provide the installation media

Copying the installation files to your PXE server

Once you’ve got the installation ISO mount the image, navigate to the images/pxeboot directory and copy the contents to your PXE Server directory (On Centos /var/lib/tftpboot folder). The following files should now be in your PXE Server directory :-


Modify the PXE Configuration file

Once the files have been copied to the PXE Server directory edit the PXE configuration file (On Centos /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg) and add the following lines :-

label Install Openfiler 2.3
kernel vmlinux

append vga=normal initrd=initrd.imgz

Configuring for http delivery

As with most PXE installation methods of Linux based systems you can provide the files over HTTP or NFS.  The infrastructure used for this article was configured for HTTP delivery due to subnet restrictions on the network.

To provide the remaining files to the PXE client copy the rPath folder from the installation ISO to the web-site folder of your choice

During the installation of Openfiler select HTTP for the location of the files and when prompted enter the web server name or IP address and the folder where the rPath folder was copied.

Test the implementation

Once the steps above have been performed test the installation by network booting the target machine and the Openfiler 2.3 installation should start.