Openfiler – Configuring a Windows file share resource

Openfiler – Configuring a Windows file share resource


Openfiler can be used to provide both Windows SMB / CIFS and NFS file shares across the network to other hosts and in this article the steps to provide a Windows file share resource on the server are explained.


In order to configure Windows file shares on OPenfiler the following pre-requisistes must be met :-

  • Account access configured in Openfiler
  • A Physical volume configured on the Openfiler server

Creating a filesystem volume

To create a filesystem volume to deliver network shares perform the following steps :-

  1. Click on the Volumes option and then click on the Add Volume option in the Volumes section
  2. Choose the Volume Group name desired from the dropdown – E.G. Lost-it-vg
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen if necessary and then enter the volume name required – E.G. Filesystem-Volume-1
  4. Set the description to a meaningful description – E.G. Filesystem Volume 1
  5. Set the required space to the desired size of the volume – E.G. 5120 MB for 5GB
  6. Set the Filesystem / Volume Type to the desired type – E.G XFS
  7. Click on the Create button to create the volume.

Enabling the required Services

Once the volumes and volume groups have been configured the next step is to enable the Services required to provide Windows Share resource access on the server.  To configure the services perform the following steps :-

  1. Click on the Services option
  2. Click on Enable next to the SMB / CIFS service to enable access to Windows file share resources.

Creating a sub-folder to be shared

Following the creation of a filesystem volume and enabling the SMB / CIFS service a sub-folder needs to be created which will be used as the share point.  To create a sub-folder to be shared perform the following steps :-

  1. Click on the Shares option and a list of the volume groups and filesystem volumes available on the server will be displayed
  2. Click on the filesystem volume where you wish to create the new share and you will be presented with a dialog box to create a new sub-folder
  3. Enter the desired name of the folder and then click on the Create sub-folder button to create it

Sharing a sub-folder

To share the created sub-folder click on the sub-folder and perform the steps below :-

  1. Click on the Make share button
  2. Set the Share Name and Description to the desired settings
  3. Set the Override SMB/Rsync share name to the same as the Share Name and click on the Change button
  4. Configure the Share access control mode to Controlled access and click on the Update button
  5. Under the Group access configuration section grant access to the necessary Groups as required
  6. Mark the Primary Group you wish to set for the share by Enabling the radio button in the PG column next to the group name
  7. Click on the Update button
  8. Configure access to the Share under the Host access configuration section by setting the required level of access to the SMB/CIFS service by enabling the relevant tick box against the host or network range you wish to allow access from
  9. Click on the Update button to create the new share