W2K8 R2 Core Services – Disabling NetBIOS Over TCP/IP

Disabling NetBIOS Over TCP/IP

This article explains the steps required to disable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP on a Windows 2008 R2 Core Services Server.

Due to the stripped down nature of Wndows 2008 R2 Core Services, the easiest way to disable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP is by using the wmic command.

To disable NetBios over TCP/IP using the wmic command perform the following steps :-

  • At the command prompt execute the following


  • Navigate through the Registry to the following Key :-


  • Listed are the Network Interface GUID’s
  • Click on the Network Interface GUID you wish to disable NetBIOS for and edit the NetbiosOptions value
  • Change the NetbiosOptions setting from 0 to 2
  • Reboot the server by executing the command shutdown /r /f /t 0