SQL 2005 – Configuring Nested Triggers

SQL 2005 – Configuring Nested Triggers


Nested Triggers is an Advanced setting which is required for some products like Windows System Update Server (WSUS) 3.0 and is enabled as default on a newly built SQL 2005 server.

To check whether the setting is configured on an SQL 2005 server perform the following steps :-

  • Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • When prompted connected to the SQL Server name using eitherWindows or SQL Authentication
  • Right Click on the server in the Left Hand Pane and select Properties
  • In the Server Properties window click on Advanced
  • Under the Miscellaneous Section check the setting Allow Triggers To Fire Others

The Allow Triggers To Fire Others setting is configured as True as default on an SQL Server but if set to False change it to True to enable Nested Triggers on the server.