W2K8 R2 Clustering – Introduction And Pre-Requisites

W2K8 R2 Clustering – Introduction And Pre-Requisites

Server Clustering has been redesigned in Windows 2008 as the Failover Clustering feature with the aim of simplyfing their deployment, enhancing their security, and increasing stability.

The aim of the following articles in this series are to provide a step by step guide to installing a new Failover Cluster which can be split in to the following parts :-

  1. Adding the Failover Cluster feature
  2. Running the Cluster Validation Tool
  3. Creating the Cluster


In order to create a simple two node failover cluster in Windows 2008 R2 the following pre-requisites must be met :-

  • Two servers (Preferably of the same hardware specification)
  • Either Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise or Datacentre Edition installed on both servers
  • iSCSI or SAN attached disks

In Failover Clustering on Windows 2008 R2 shared data disks has now been dropped and any storage to be used by the cluster must support SCSI-3.

Optional Cluster Heartbeat Card

There is some discussion on the web regarding whether or not a seperate network card is needed for Cluster Heartbeat in Windows 2008 Failover Clustering.

For the environment used for these articles I added an additional network card with no adverse effects.