W2K8 IIS 2 – Configuring Offline Files For Shared Configuration

W2K8 IIS 2 – Configuring Offline Files For Shared Configuration

The next step in the configuration of IIS on a Failover Cluster is to configure Offline Files access.  To enable Offile Files access perform the following steps :-

On Both Cluster Nodes
  • Open Server Manager and click on Features
  • Click on Add Feature
  • When prompted select the Desktop Experience Feature and click onInstall
  • When prompted Reboot the server
  • Once rebooted open the Manage Offline Files console
  • Click on Enable Offline Files and click on OK
  • In the command prompt execute the following command to configure Offline Files as Read Only :-

REG ADD “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\CSC\Parameters” /v ReadOnlyCache /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

  • Once the Reg Add command has executed Reboot the server
  • Once rebooted open the File Server which holds the Shared Configuration File Share configured in the previous article
  • Right Click on the Shared Configuration File Share and select Always Available Offline 
  • Open the Manage Offline Files console and click on Open Sync Center
  • Right Click on the Shared Configuration File Share listed in theOffline Files section of the screen and select Schedule for offline files
  • Tick the Shared Configuration File Share listed and then select At A Scheduled Time
  • Set the Date and Time to the desired date and time you wish to start the syncronisation
  • Select Repeat every 1 day(s) and then click on Next to continue
  • Name the syncronisation task and then click on OK

Notes On Using A File Share On The Same Failover Cluster

If the File Share being used to hold the IIS Shared Configuration is configured on the same Failover Cluster as you are clustering IIS then youMust run the steps after the Reg Add command on the Node first which theFile Share Is Not  running on and then fail over the File Share before running through the same steps on the other node.