StoreFront – Setting A Default Domain Name

StoreFront – Setting A Default Domain Name


This article provides the steps to set a default Domain Name when logging on to a StoreFront 1.2 web site.  In the same way as Web Interface 5.4 you can set the Domain Name and Hide it from the logon page making it easier for users to logon.

To set a default Domain Name perform the following steps :-

  • Logon to the Citrix StoreFront Console
  • Click on the Authentication node in the Left Hand pane
  • In the Right Hand pane click on Configure Trusted Domains
  • Set the Allow Users to log on from option to Trusted Domains
  • Click Add and type in the NetBIOS Name of your Domain
  • The Default Domain box should now show your Domain NetBIOS Name
  • Click on OK

Now when you go to the StoreFront logon page it will no longer showDomain\User Name or in the User Name box.

N.B. Don’t forget to make the modifications on the Primary Server in a Server Group and Propagate them to the other servers if you have multiple StoreFront servers