StoreFront – Introduction

StoreFront – Introduction


The following pages in this article provide the steps required to install a pair of Citrix StoreFront servers.

The installation is broken down in to the following steps which are explained in the subsequent pages of this article :-

  1. Installing StoreFront 1.2
  2. Creating and configuring the SQL database
  3. Initial Configuration Of StoreFront 1.2

Test Environment

The test environment for this article consists of the following servers :-

  • W2K8SQL01 – SQL Server
  • W2K8SF01 – StoreFront Server
  • W2K8SF02 – StoreFront Server
  • W2K8XA01 – XenApp 6.5 Server
  • W2K8XD01 – XenDesktop 5.6 Controller
  • W2K8DC01 – Domain Controller providing the Active Directory W2K8Domain.local
  • W2K8StoreFront.W2K8Domain.local – Network Load Balancer Address

All of the servers with the exception of the Domain Controller are Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition with Service Pack 1 installed and patched to the latest levels at the time of writing this article.