Linux VDA – Creating the MCS master target

Linux VDA – Creating the MCS master target

  • Linux VDA – Introduction and prerequisites
  • Linux VDA – Building the base CentOS virtual machine
  • Linux VDA – Post build tasks and Linux VDA 1912 preparation
  • Linux VDA – Joining the server to Active Directory
  • Linux VDA – VDA software installation and configuration
  • Linux VDA – Creating the MCS master target
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    Prepare the master image VM

    The official documentation lists the following steps to perform as part of preparing the VM to be a master image:

    Install the EPEL repository

    From the list of preparation steps the first one not already performed in the previous articles in this series is to enable the EPEL repository. To enable the EPEL repository perform the following steps:

    • Execute the following in a shell session:
    yum install -y epel-release

    Set up the runtime environment

    The next step before running the script is to prepare the runtime environment. To prepare the runtime environment perform the following steps:

    • Edit the file /etc/xdl/mcs/mcs.conf
    • Change the line dns1= to your DNS server IP address. In the example below I am setting it to which is my AD DNS server:
    • Check the line AD_INTEGRATION= is set to winbind as used in the previous article to set up AD integration:
    • Save and exit the file


    The next step is to run the /opt/Citrix/VDA/sbin/ script to prepare the master image ready for creating additional VDAs using Machine Creation Services.

    The script installs several packages as part of it’s execution and does not require any user input.

    Shutdown and snapshot the VM

    The last step in the process of creating the MCS master target is to shut down and snap shot the VM.

    I named my snap shot Linux-VDA-MCS-Build-01 so that it can be easily identified in the next article.

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