Cacti WMI 6 – Creating A Host Template

Cacti WMI 6 – Creating A Host Template

Creating A Host Template

The next step in the installation is to create a new Host Template for a Windows server using WMI.

To add the host template perform the following steps :-

  • Logon to Cacti as an Administrative account
  • Click on the Console tab
  • Click on Host Templates in the Left Hand Pane
  • Click on Add to add a new Host Template
  • Configure the Name as Windows WMI Host
  •  Click on Create to create the new Host Template

Associating A Graph Template

Once the new Host Template has been created the next step is to associate the CPU Load Graph Template to it.

To associate the CPU Load Graph Template perform the following steps :-

  • Under the Associated Graph Templates select WMI-CPU-Load-Graph-Template from the Add Graph Template drop down box
  • Click on Add to add the Graph Template
  • Click on Save to save the Host Template