Cacti W2K3 8 – Initial Configuration Of Cacti

Cacti W2K3 8 – Initial Configuration Of Cacti


The final step in the installation of Cacti is to perform the initial configuration through the web page.

To initially configure Cacti through the web page perform the following steps :-

  • In a web browser on the server or from another host which you allowed access to in Apache in the previous page go to :-

http://<Your cacti server IP Address>/cacti/


  • When presented with the Cacti Initial Configuration Screen click onNext
  • When prompted select New Installation and then click on Next
  • At the next screen ensure that Cacti has found the RRDTool Binary Path, PHP Binary Path, and the Cacti Log File Path

N.B. The SNMP Binaries will show as NOT FOUND as Net-SNMP is not installed

  •  Configure the RRDTool Version as RRDTool 1.2x
  • Next click on Finish to complete the initial configuration
  • When prompted logon with a username and password of admin
  • You will be forced to change the password and when prompted change it to your own password
  • Click on Save

Cacti should now be installed and you will be logged on to the Console screen.