Cacti W2K3 1 – Installing MySQL 5.5.19

Cacti W2K3 1 – Installing MySQL 5.5.19


The following article explains how to install and initially configure MySQL 5.5.19 Community Edition Server on to a Windows 2003 Standard Edition Server.

The environment used for this installation was a Windows 2003 Standard Edition Server Virtual machine attached to an Active Directory Domain and running under a VMware ESXi 4.0 host.

Obtaining The Software

To obtain the MySQL software MSI package go to here and download the architecture version required.

Installing The Software

Once the MSI package has been downloaded perform the following steps to install it on to the server :-

  • Logon as an Administrative user to the server
  • Navigate to where the MySQL MSI package was saved
  • Double click the MSI package (mysql-5.5.19-win32.msi in my case) to launch its installation
  • At the setup Welcome Screen click on Next to continue
  • At the End User License Agreement Screen tick the box for I accept the terms in this License Agreement and then click on Next to continue
  • At the Choose Setup Type Screen select Typical
  • At the Ready To Install MySQL Server 5.5 Screen click on Install to begin the installation
  • At the MySQL Enterprise Popup screen click on Next to continue
  • At the MySQL Enterprise Popup screen The MySQL Monitoring Service click on Next to continue
  • At the Installation Completed screen click on Finish to complete the installation

The MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard will now launch if you left the option ticked on the Installation Completed screen

  • At the instance tuning Welcome screen click on Next to continue
  • At the Configuration Type screen select the Standard Configurationoption and then click on Next to continue
  • At the Windows Options screen select Install As Windows Serviceand select MySQL for the Service Name
  • Ensure that the Launch the MySQL Server automatically option isselected
  • Select the option Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH and then click on Next to continue
  • At the Modify Security Options screen enter a new Password for theroot user and then click on Next to continue
  • At the Ready To Execute click on Execute to tune the server
  • Once the tuning has completed click on Finish to end tuning the server

The MySQL Server 5.5.19 software is now installed and the Windows Service MySQL is now started on the server