Local Policy Session Printing With CVADS

Local Policy Session Printing With CVADS

Recently on site I came across my first requirement for a Citrix Session Printer Policy when migrating from an on-premises 7.15 Site to CVADS.

At first I simply tried copying the policy in to the Cloud Studio but when I came to select the printer it was unable to connect. The first step was to eliminate firewall rules as usual so I got the SMB ports opened between the Cloud Connectors and the Print Servers but this didn’t resolve the issue.

Luckily I was working with Citrix at the time and so a quick check through Slack turned up Citrix Article https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX220345 which says “Because limitation of Citrix Cloud and Connector, in certain scenarios, communication with some of the on premises components, there is a need for some customers to manage the Citrix polices locally”.

The article itself was straightforward enough and geared towards using an Active Directory Group Policy which was duly created but still failed to apply. Closer inspection showed that because the customer uses AppSense for user personalisation they didn’t have the “user group policy loopback processing mode” enabled.

Initially we looked at getting the setting enabled for the new VDAs only but due to timelines and delays involved with getting a new GPO created as well as modified, I looked at other alternatives. The first workaround was to enable “user group policy loopback processing mode” in the Local Group Policy of the VDAs but this meant that other GPOs were either applied or no longer applied which would potentially change the user experience too much.

The final workaround was an idea from the lead architect on the project Dave Brear at Citrix who suggested trying adding the Citrix Policy to the Local Group Policy of the VDAs.

I installed the Citrix Group Policy addon to get the Citrix Policies to show in the Local Group Policy and then added a User Policy with the Session Printer configured.

Sure enough, the policy applied and the printer was mapped to user sessions and all without the need for either an Active Directory Group Policy and more importantly, without user group policy loopback processing mode configured in the environment.

Admittedly it’s not the prettiest or most acceptable solution for this but certainly a useful one to keep in the back pocket for the future in case I’m working on another site where one team / third party looks after the Active Directory and Group Policies and one team / third party look after the Citrix environment !

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