Citrix ADC – “Cannot Complete You Request” StoreFront Error

Citrix ADC – “Cannot Complete You Request” StoreFront Error

I recently deployed an ADC in to my lab environment and ran in to the dreaded “cannot complete your request” error when trying to logon.

After chasing my tail for a few days and going through all the articles under the sun to troubleshoot StoreFront and ADC settings I finally came across an article by Dale Scriven on which gave three lines of config to resolve the issue.

I hadn’t even thought that it was because I’d upgraded the firmware as I did it before even setting up the Gateway, but after finding the article I created the VPN traffic action and policy, bound it to my Gateway vServer and bingo !

The issue is due to Citrix changing the SSO in version 13.64.35 of the firmware to disable weaker authentication methods which is explained in the Citrix Article

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