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WSUS – Installing WSUS Server On Windows 2016 Core

WSUS – Installing WSUS Server On Windows 2016 Core


This article provides details of how to install the Windows Update Services (WSUS) Role on a Microsoft Windows 2016 Core Server.

This installation was performed on a server with a basic 2016 Core installation which was renamed, network settings configured, and joined to a Domain. A second hard disk (D:) was also added to hold the WSUS Content and a folder named WSUS.Content was created.

WSUS was also installed to just use the default database although I may move it to my SQL server at some point.

Installing The WSUS Role

    • Logon to the console as an Administrative account
    • Enter Powershell by executing powershell at the command prompt
    • To install the Role and it’s management tools execute Install-WindowsFeature -Name UpdateServices -IncludeManagementTools in the Powershell session.
    • Exit from Powershell and at the command prompt change to the C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools folder
    • Execute the command wsusutil.exe postinstall CONTENT_DIR=D:\WSUS.Content to perform the post installation piece for WSUS

WSUS is now installed on the server and ready for configuration. I used a server with the WSUS Management Console already installed to connect to the new server and go through the configuration steps. If you want to perform it all through Powershell on the Core Server itself then there is an excellent article on which goes through it here.